Alembic Press - Macfarlane (Nigel). Handmade Papers

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Handmade apers of the Himalayas, by Nigel MacFarlane. With line-block reproductions of woodcuts. Folder, 15 X 38cm, double folded, (Claire Bolton) Alembic Press, Winchester, 1986.

Nine different papers from Nepal and Bhutan, sewn in three sections with paper wrapper, the whole being housed in a specially made portfolio with red cotton ties. Handset in Kenner;ley with 19 Nepali motifs, most printed in a second colour. Number 10 of 108 copies. Fine.

'As the papers were all of varying sizethey had to be folded and cut by hand before I began. I printed each sheet doubled with a sheet of 'Yellow Pages' inside to absorb any ink that might go through to the paper. I lost a number of letters from when they hit bits of rock, bark or charcoal, but apart from that had no trouble printing. The type area for each page delibarately varied to avoid the need for accurate registration, which would have been impossible with such iregular edges to the paper.' (Claire Bolton)

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