Pentagram Papers.

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Pentagram Papers. 15 issues, 8vo, 21cm, 1-5, 7, 9-12, 14-15, 17-19, Pentagram Design, London, 1976-1992.

Profusely illustrated with photographs, bound in semi-stiff black wrappers. All in fine or near fine condition.

(1) A dictionary ogf graphic cliches. [ABC] ompiled by Philip Thompson and Peter Davenport; (2) The pessimist Utopia by Theo Crosby. Brushes and Brooms by Lou Klein. (4) Face to Face concept and photography by Jean-Ed Robert, (5) The palace of the League of Nations, an architectural competition in its social and historical context, (7) Photographs of Bomarzzo, (9) Unilever House, Towards a New Ornament, by Theo Crosby, (10) 1211 North LaSalle [photographs by Francois Robert], (11) The City of Tomorrow: Model 1937, by Jeffrey L. Meikle, (12) Oliver Mourgue's Little Theatre of Design, (14) Stars and Stripes [a collection of flag ephemera], (15) Through the Window: Number One. Paddington to Penzance (Cornish Riviera Route) 300 miles of English country as seen from the GWR, (17) The Many Faces of Mao, (18) Skeleton Closet [items from the collection of Stephen Guarnaccia], (19) Purple, White and Green [a part of the Museum of London's Suffragette Collection].

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