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Collection of recipes by Jemima Margaret Roper, 1809-60, daughter of Reverend John Gilpin, married Roper Stote Donnison Rowe Roper, 1814-67, of Sedbury Hall, near Gilling, North Yorkshire, cousin of William Sawrey Gilpin, landscape painter and landscape gardener, 1762-1842.

Autograph MS, 112p, 22p index at front, mostly in one hand but with additions in at least two other hands, 4to, 15th November 1831 - 40s & later. Some additional recipes loosely inserted. Bound in original half calf, rubbed. Very good condition.

Recipes include "Sugar Crust"; "Lemon drops"; "Bath Cakes - excellent Mrs Hogg"; "Raspberry cream for basketts"; "Baked hasty pudding Mrs W.S. Gilpin"; "Currie Powder": "To make muffins - Mrs Carter"; "Breakfast Biscuit"; "Cheese Pudding"; "Velvet Cream"; "Dough Cake"; "Solid Custard"; "Coffee Biscuits"; "Plymouth Pudding"; "Mrs Alderson's Gingerbread"; "Perpetual Lemon Cheesecakes"; "Old Wifes Cakes"; "Liffy Pudding"; "Dutch Sauce - Mrs Wharton"; "Royal Cream - Mrs Wharton (excellent)"; "Lobster Cutlets"; "Muffin Pudding"; "For the Ringworm"; "Sherry and Beer Cup"; "Cherry Brandy"; "Devonshire Cream"; "Champagne cup"; "Cream - Lady Lawson"; "Fig Pudding - Lady Lawson"; "Lancashire Pie (without meat)"; "Porter Jelly"; "Sir Watkin W. Wynne's Pudding"; "Damson Cheese", etc.

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