Caliban Press - Kumano Kodo Pathway. [Illustrated by David West.]

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Kumano Kodo Pathway. [Illustrated by David West.] Four-panel tunnel book, 27 X 20 X 1cm (extending to 10cm), (Mark McMurray) Caliban Press, Canton, 2015.

Printed from wood blocks on St Armand and Nepali papers. English text set in Weiss with Optima titles, also some Japanese type. Number 23 of 45 copies signed by the artIst and printer. Handmade paper box with printed spine label and a white circular disc superimposed upon the upper cover. Quite remarkably stable upon the table, this is a new copy of another astonishin book from the Press.

The Kuman Kodo is a series of pilgrimage routes crisscrossing the Kii Peninsula in Japan that have been in use for over a thosand years. Sacred to both Buddist and Shinto traditions, they are notable for their remoteness and undeveloped beauty. Born in London in 1939, David West studied printmaking at Camberwell School of Art. His association with Japan began in the 1990s when he was asked to hold various workshops and, subsequently, his travels took him on portions of the Kumano Kodo. Finally, not much is known about the Japanese poet, Gusai (1284-1376) who was a a Zen monk writing in the format of the renga or, linked verse style of poetry, quite popular in the Late Medieval Age.

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