Moxon Chappel - A boxful of sundry printings.

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Large boxful of Moxon Chappel material, very varied sizes, California 1977-1980s.

Approximately 120 pieces of sundry ephemeral and humorous printing done by various presses for the Moxon Chappel (being posters for barbeques, booklets, tickets and ephemera of all sorts. Great fun, mostly very colourful and fine condition.

Identified contributions from the Bean Creak Press, Chicken Hearted Publishing Co., The Elmwood Press, Feathered Serpent Press, Figment Press, Hilltop Hobbies Press, La Loma Press, P'Nye Press, Pfutser & Tinker Press, Press in Tuscany Ally, Rather Press, Sunflower Press. Also included is a copy of A Calendar of Moxon Chappel for the First Twenty Years, 1957-1977. This gives details of the presses involved and the system of 'tokens' and 'solaces' awarded to printers. Most pieces seem to have been printed in editions of fifty copies. Worth buying  for Carol Cunningham's Sunflower Press pieces alone.

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