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Numerology: Calyban's Wood Type Whimsy, Volume I. 4to, 28cm, 44 leaves (including covers), (Mark McMurray) Caliban Press, New York, 2020.

Printed with black, silver and red inks on found, left over and scrap papers that have accumulated at Caliban Press over time. In some cases over a lot of time. Japan, China, Nepal, India, Spain, France, Germany, England, Canada, Mexico, are all represented - particularly Papeterie St-Armand, Montreal. Decorated with the "inevitable volvelle" and much else besides. Semi-stiff red paper covers, titled in black, spiral-bound. One of 100 copies signed by the printer. Hot off the Press. A new copy.

'Conceived as a way to document a growing collection of wood type which eventually filled some 53 cases with some 75 font. Realizing there was too much type for asingle volume showing alphabets, figures, punctuation marks, as well as words & phrases, I decided to devote the first volume to figures - which is what printers generally call numerals or numbers. Volume 2 is planned to be complete alphabets, with Volume 3 for words and phrass.' (Mark McMurray)

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