Établissements Plantin - Caracteres de Texte Modernes et Classiques.

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Caracteres de Texte Modernes et Classiques, Ornements, Filets en Cuivre, Initiales et Vignettes. 4to, 27cm, 116p, plate Bruxelles, Etablissements Plantin, (c.1932).

Printed in black, red, grey and yellow on wove paper with many advertisements for type display. Black cloth, title reversed out in gilt on the spine, decorated in gilt on the front and the title reversed out in red. Top right marked 'Supplement'. Extremely striking. A fine copy.

An interesting book chiefly of display types and ornements produced at the high point of art deco. Possibly the 'supplement' on the cover refers to the specimen book of 1924 - or maybe something later of which I have not yet traced an example. Body types listed include Garamont, Egmont and Bodoni. Amongst the many display types are Service Noble, Atlas, Atlas Maigre, Succes, Independant (Collette & Dufour, for Amsterdam 1930), Carlton (Amsterdam 1929), Transito (J.Tschichold for Amsterdam, 1931), Hercule (Amsterdam 1927), Lafayette (R. Hunter Middleton for Ludlow, 1932), Hermes (Amsterdam, 1924), Joconde, Fortuna (Friedrich Bauer for Trennert, 1930) Gracia (Amsterdam, 1927).

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