Rieser (Dolf) - artist - Two engraved Christmas cards to the Buckland Wrights,

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Dolf Rieser. Christmas cards; two copper engravings, individually signed and dated by the artist, with fulsome inscriptions in his hand to the Buckland Wrights on the versos. Two Christmas cards, Dolf Rieser to John Buckland Wright, 1952 & 1953.

Full-margined copies on grey and white handmade papers in fine condition.

Copper engraving on grey paper, signed and dated 1952, untitled, depicting a bird trapped amidst a complex mesh of netting - a very fine image - inscribed on p.[4]: "A Merrry Christmas and all the best in the New Year from the Riesers. Dear John! P.S. Shall see you in the New Year but was too busy printing the folder of the Folio prints (which is doing well!!!) - to come to the Slade. Dolf." AND Copper engraving on white paper, signed and dated 1953, untitled abstract image (flames into plants), inscribed on p.[4]: "A Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year from Dolf, Barbara, Richard & Martin Rieser, 1953."

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