Bawden (Edward) - Take the Broom.

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Take the Broom, by Edward Bawden. Oblong 16mo, 10 X 12.5cm, 32p (including wrappers), Reproduced from Bawden's original by Judd Street Gallery, London, 2014..
Designed by Webb & Webb; printed by Aspect Press. 7 full-page colour illustrations after the originals by Edward Bawden. Wrappers illustrated from a lithograph by Edward Bawden. A new copy in its blue presentation envelope.
The book is one of a set of six tales drawn by Edward Bawden for his children, Richard and Joanna, during 1944. It was first published, in the original size,, redrawn for lithographic printing, in an edition of 350 copies  by George Rainbird and Ruari McLean in 1952 for presentation to friends. A new edition of Take the Broom, differing greatly in size and detail, was contained within Hold Fast by Your Teeth (Routledge, 1963).
The Order of the Garter for "stocking-fillers" for Christmas 2014 by Collinge & Clark.

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