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Paper Samples: From material provided by Kim Taylor from items removed from The Latin Press, St Ives, by the bailiffs, in 1953. Descriptions by Peter Bower of the British Association of Paper Historians. Box of handmadmade papers, Guido Morris, The Latin Press, St Ives, and Kim Taylor, The Ark Press, Marazion [& elsewhere].

Twenty-two handmade papers, including: eleven Hayle Mill handmade papers (GM's favourite); two A.Millbourn handmade papers, and others by J.Batchelor, Arnold & Foster, Fabriano and Hodgkinson (these last probably of later date and property of Kim Taylor). Fine condition with very detailed descriptions.

In the summer of 1953 the bailiffs visited The Latin Press and removed presses, type and paper in payment of debts. The smaller Albion and a quantity of paper was moved down to the Old Smoke House that stood close to Sven's Tower. Kim Taylor (Ark Press) was given access to these. On leaving St Ives he was given a box of the papers to take with him. Some remained in his possession until they passed into the hands of the avid Guido Morris collector Michael Bridge in 2003. Identification of these sheets was undertaken in 2004.

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