Pietes - collection of five woodcuts in strong expressionistic vein.

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Pietes. A collection of five woodcuts in strong expressionistic vein with much use of wood grain, printed on thin tissue, signed but not titled, all dated, various sizes.

One woodcut slightly torn at one corner, just touching the image, another with some evidence of tape marks. Otherwise very good condition.

(1) [Three Men fighting with Spears], 290 X 265mm, signed & dated 1947; (2) [Three Men fighting with Spears & a Crucifixion], 295 X 238mm, signed and dated 1949; (3) [Man & Woman], 212 X 100mm, signed and dated 1947 (a very fine image); (4) [Large Portrait with Religious Images within the Eyes], 370 X 253mm, signed and dated 1949; (5) [Portrait of a Man with House and Tree as Background]; 290 X 290mm, signed and dated 1948. This final image appears is reprodiced on p.190 of John Buckland-Wright's 'Etching and Engraving'.

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